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Bad-ass swedish people!

Omg! I was going to watch a live performance of Bad Girl by SNSD, And what do I see? WHAT DO I SEE?! Apparently the song is part made of Swedish people! …. !!!!! OH…. MY… GOD… It’s really cool! And it seems as … Continue reading

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Homework.. hwaiting!

Hey Everyone! This isn’t going to be a long post.. Sorry! But I must study for a test that we have tomorrow. It’s society and politics. So very boring, but I guess I have to. And one thing to look forward to … Continue reading

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Busy busy busy busy ~

Sorry for the bad update but I think I speak for everyone when it’s pretty hectic in school right now! I’ve societytest tomorrow and next week I’ve mathtest and I’ve like.. 5 homeworks and I’m sitting here like: I DON’T … Continue reading

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Lucky guy

Hm.. If I’m going to be honest I haven’t listened so much on the solo SS501, nothing at all actually. I listened to the songs but I think SS501 are ONE not 5. BUT! Yesterday I accidentally listened to Kim … Continue reading

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2 마음

This is a group that I haven’t listened to so much, a song here and there but I haven’t checked their live performances, mv’s and shows with them. But recently I’ve fallen for one of their songs and it’s Heart … Continue reading

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Two years of BEAST!

OK, today it’s BEAST 2nd anniversary! CONGRATZ TO OUR BOOOYS ~ Ever since I (we) started to listen to k-pop I’ve listened to BEAST and I can say without hestitation that they will always be in my heart. I really … Continue reading

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Hi! So.. I just wanted to say that something has been added to this blog! There is now in the menu a link named kpop groups. There we will write facts about our Favorite K-pop artists and keep on adding facts … Continue reading

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Beast are the best!

Haha.. I’ve been really bored this afternoon.. Like really really really bored!! I didn’t came up with anything to do, other than sitting on youtube and watching video clips. I even felt bored by that! And I was like… Hum… … Continue reading

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Lee Howon, you’re killing me.

OK. New category! “Fangirling”. I debut this category with a Hoya-post! I’ve 7 biases in Infinite and I’m proud of that but today I just haaave to do a little appreciation post for Lee Howon aka Hoya. Beacuse he’s awesome. I … Continue reading

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FT Island’s comeback on M! Countdown

FT Island took everyone by storm today at M! Countdown with their performance of “Like birds”. I really think that Hongki’s voice is amazing. Seriously, he has one of the most unique and beautiful voices in the world! I also … Continue reading

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