Not feeling well…

Ah, nothing well today. SKJHASKHA. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow..
BUT! I’m not sad or anything, it’s good that I’m going to the doctor so they can tell us what’s wrong with me. ^^

Hm, I’ve nothing to write about today… I miss Infinite’s live performances. I watched Birth of a family, HAHAH Sunggyu you’re to precious! He’s so afraid of dogs that I can’t even… HAHAH. Poor leader ❤ Dongwoo was amazing with dogs and he was the only one in Infinite that had a dog at home.

Yesterday I re-watched Sesame Player with Infinite and gosh, everytime I watch Sesame player I can’t help myself to cry, laugh and just simply love it. Seriously. I love Infinite. I really do. Not only beacuse their good dancing, singing and looks. They’re so precious that you can’t do anything else than love them. SSKHKAKGAH.

I’ve to go now! BYEBYEEE~


About Everlasting K-popers

We're three girls from Sweden that love K-POP and this is our blog about k-pop, fangirling, movies, our daily life and other stuff that we think is intresting!
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