My Love = B1A4

B1A4 never stops surprise me or fails to amaze me! I Looooooove their follow-up song for Beautiful Target!

The song is called “My Love” and is truly amazing. They haven’t done a mv yet, but their livestages are enough to cover it. I’m so stunned by them! Seriously! They don’t seem like a rookie group at all.. They got the confidence and fan-service qualities that many of our older and more experienced groups are. Plus they can really sing well! If they don’t win any of the Rookie awards I don’t know what to do! Then music-culture isn’t what I thought it would be… I mean, they’ve released 2 mini albums and promoted 4 songs on music shows… AND THEY DEBUTED IN APRIL! That means 2 mini albums with 4 promotions and 3 mvs in less than 7 months..

I don’t know what you think, but thats amazing to me!

There you got a live performance of My Love. They are having more choreography in this, which i think is great.. Missed it a little in the other songs..

So.. Now I’ll keep up with my work of stalking my favorite biases! And I’m saying this, these boys are slowly getting higher and higher up on my bias list. Actually I’ve been a fan of them since their debut, proud to be BANA!

Just have to share some adorkable gifs I got of them 🙂


Cutie boys~!

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