Update of the day~

Hi hello!

You know a thing.. I’ve come to the conclusion that kpop is bad for me!

You’re  all probably like:

And think.. “is she really okay?”

In that case… relax…

The thing is just that not only that my mind have been brainwashed by hot kpop guys that given me scarily unrealistical dreams and made my standards for potential boyfriend to shoot high up in the sky. I’ve also noticed that I’ve lost all control of time! Hm… does it even exist a saying like that?

Anyways… Today, it took me 40 minutes to get my make-up done. 40!!! Normally it takes about 10! All because of that bloody thing called kpop! I think I danced and got lost in my daydreams more than a third of the time. Also I can sit up all night watching videoclips of my biases… Clips that I’ve seen like 100 times before..

God, I really need to get myself a life.

But still… I don’t care if I’m mindwrecked or constantly stressed out. If that’s the consequences for listening to kpop, I’m glad to take the risk!

At least it’s not an illegal drug (a)

So.. Continue kpopping and stay healthy. Try to avoid becoming a maniac like us. But if you do or already are, we’ll welcome you with open arms! And just a tip, always throw a extra glance at the clock. Just in case…


Oh, and congratulations to Infinite’s Dongwoo on his birthday!

About Everlasting K-popers

We're three girls from Sweden that love K-POP and this is our blog about k-pop, fangirling, movies, our daily life and other stuff that we think is intresting!
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