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My Love = B1A4

B1A4 never stops surprise me or fails to amaze me! I Looooooove their follow-up song for Beautiful Target! The song is called “My Love” and is truly amazing. They haven’t done a mv yet, but their livestages are enough to … Continue reading

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Update of the day~

Hi hello! You know a thing.. I’ve come to the conclusion that kpop is bad for me! You’re  all probably like: And think.. “is she really okay?” In that case… relax… The thing is just that not only that my … Continue reading

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Happy birthday DONGWOO! <3

Today it’s our kenyan prince Jang Dongwoo’s birthday! I can’t make a proper post right now beacuse I’m on my phone but when I’m home again I’ll make a post just for Dongwoo! ❤ Bye till then! /Josefin

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SS4 in Seoul

I’m sitting here in my couch.. in Sweden.. in a little village.. wishing to be in Seoul. Why am I doing this? Well.. I’m watching all the fancams and pictures from Super Show 4 on youtube.. and I feel so … Continue reading

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“I love those type of friendships that don’t require a lot of effort. We may not see each other as much as we want to or talk as much as we used to, but it doesn’t change the fact that … Continue reading

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Fanfic recommendation!

Good evening everyone!~ well.. at least it’s evening here in Sweden. And I plan on spending it all on reading Fanfics, since I’m in an hotel in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) at the moment. Anyway, I’ve found this reaaaally … Continue reading

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Infinite placed 2:nd on Oricon Chart!

Today Infinite released the japanese version of BTD (it has been out on internet for a while but only in bad quality) and it’s already on placed 2 on Oricon Chart!! I’m so happy for them and I wish them … Continue reading

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