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SS4 in Seoul

I’m sitting here in my couch.. in Sweden.. in a little village.. wishing to be in Seoul. Why am I doing this? Well.. I’m watching all the fancams and pictures from Super Show 4 on youtube.. and I feel so … Continue reading

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“I love those type of friendships that don’t require a lot of effort. We may not see each other as much as we want to or talk as much as we used to, but it doesn’t change the fact that … Continue reading

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Fanfic recommendation!

Good evening everyone!~ well.. at least it’s evening here in Sweden. And I plan on spending it all on reading Fanfics, since I’m in an hotel in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) at the moment. Anyway, I’ve found this reaaaally … Continue reading

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Infinite placed 2:nd on Oricon Chart!

Today Infinite released the japanese version of BTD (it has been out on internet for a while but only in bad quality) and it’s already on placed 2 on Oricon Chart!! I’m so happy for them and I wish them … Continue reading

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Birthday boy!

Hi there. I checked my Facebook account today at discovered that yesterday was B1A4’s jinyoung’s birthday! So this comes a day late, but anyways… Congratulations Jung JinYoung on your 20th birthday(international age)! My bias since B1A4 debuted 🙂 / Maja

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Evil maknae = the best singer in the world

I seriously love Kyuhyun’s voice. It’s sooooooooooo soft and nice! I really love to listen to it when I feel sad or need to calm down beacuse his voice has such a strong feeling in it that I can’t even… … Continue reading

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Not feeling well…

Ah, nothing well today. SKJHASKHA. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow.. BUT! I’m not sad or anything, it’s good that I’m going to the doctor so they can tell us what’s wrong with me. ^^ Hm, I’ve nothing to write … Continue reading

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This is so beautiful! /Josefin

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It’s cold outside and I’m sitting… here.

Helloooo Josefin here! What are you doing? I’m doing, like, nothing. I’m waiting on a call from a friend. That’s what I’m doing + tumblr. I’m feeling kind of forever alone.. I think I’ve to get a life. And when … Continue reading

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