Potential new subgroup?

Omo, This seriously made my day!

On today’s Music Bank a Special performance was made by a group called “Wonder Boys”.

It’s Infinite’s Sungjong, Super Junior’s Shindong, Mblaq’s Mir, ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Jun Hyunmu that are performing “Wonder Girls'” “Be My Baby”.

Have a look at it. maybe this collab should be permanent? ^^

Now I’ve got some strength to keep tiding my room for Christmas Eve… Yeah, Here in Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day.. Weird Swedes right?


About Everlasting K-popers

We're three girls from Sweden that love K-POP and this is our blog about k-pop, fangirling, movies, our daily life and other stuff that we think is intresting!
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