You’re My Pet

It seems as if I’ve totally missed out on the release of You’re My Pet!

Apparently they released it on November 10th. But since it’s a movie I guess maybe they don’t make a big thing of it. But I hope that you’ll be able to see it online soon. Because I can’t wait for it!


Some of you might wonder… What the heck is this?..

Well, I will now explain to you all.

You’re My pet is a Movie starring Jang KeunSuk and Kim HaNeul.. There’s also Choi Junghoon, the lead guitarist in Ft Island, who’s making his actors-debut with a minor role.

The plot is taken from the Japanese manga Kimi wa petto, which also has been made as a japanese drama starring the Japanese actors Matsumoto Jun and Koyoki. I recommend you to watch that one as well since it’s superduper cute and funny!

The big story about the movie is that In-Ho (Jang Keun-Suk) is a former ballet dancer who hopes to become a musical choreographer. But he has no place to live, so his friend Eun-Soo (Choi JungHoon) take In-Ho to his sisters place. Eun-Soo’s sister Eun-Yi (Kim Ha-Neul) work as an editor for a fashion magazine and has a pity life were she keeps failing in her relationships with men and don’t get along with her colleagues at work.

When Eun-Yi hears about her brothers plan, she disprove and won’t let In-Ho stay. But one day she finds him in a box outside of her apartment soaking wet and sick. She tries to contact her brother, but he doesn’t answer her calls. Since she reminds him of her former dog Momo she comes up with an arangement that she will let him stay at her place as her pet. But gradually they grow closer to each other, when suddenly Eun-Yi’s first love Cha Woo-Sung comes looking for her…

So this was the fact I’ve got from AsianMediaWiki since i haven’t seen the movie myself. It’s a little bit different plot than the japanese drama, but i think it’ss be wonderful anyway!

Here’s a teaser for the movie with english subtitles:

Hope you’ll watch it when it’s available, I know I will!


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