Dream High…. 2!

Dream High is finally out with English subtitles!


Even though I miss the original cast, I think it’s worthy being a follow-up. Since I was like obsessed with the first season I’m going to watch this season as well. And my darling SamDong made a cameo appearance! Gash, That really made me miss the old ones, but i guess you have to move on.. *sobs*

If you’re unable to find it a link to the first part of Ep 1 is Here. There’s subtitles to ep 2 as well… All credits to the uploader gnalc9 on youtube! All us international fans really appreciate your work on subbing shows and dramas. How would we survive without you?! Our truly respect and love to all the subbers out there~! You’re irreplaceable!

Even though the new cast is okay.. (JB and the dancer guy(Jr?) is soooo damn hot! Jsut had to let it out xD And Jinwoon as well :D) You guys will always have a special place in my heart!

Sam Dong ❤ Hye Mi ❤ Jin Gook ❤ Pil Suk ❤ Jason ❤

Since jason wasn’t in teh Gif above and he and pil suk were my favorite couple they get a gif for themselves as well..


Cuteness overload ^^



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