Second Invasion

I’m right now a person with many feelings and if you don’t want to read a fangirling post with… many emotions I suggest you stop reading now!

Anyways, yesterday and today I’ve been crying a lot. Beacuse of Infinite. And I wished that I woke up and saw that I lived in South Korea in Seoul and my concert tickets layed on my pillow, right beside me. But, sadly that wasn’t true… So, yesterday and today I’ve been sitting infront of the computer and searched for fancams and pictures. And I thought I was cool with this but apparently not beacuse when I saw the first fancam I started to cry… I sat there sobbing at the perfection and just.. I can’t even explain but they looked so mature and oh, they’ve grown soooo much ;___; I can’t put up every performance here but I’m going to post my favorite fancams, okayysss?

So, to begin with I laughed to actually~ HAHAHA! During Sungyeol’s and Sungjong’s parody of Troublemaker, O-M-G! Sungjong was extremly manly, NO JOKE! Beacuse my first thought was that Sungjong would be Hyuna, beacuse he’s a diva, HAHAh but THEN SUNGJONG CAME OUT AS HYUNSEUNG AND I WAS LIKE WTF?? Who is the girl? And it was Lee Freaking Sungyeol! He was extremly… eh, his hair was nice? xD I mean, he wore a dress that was glittery and he had looong wavy hair, so not him. And well, the famous kiss. They kissed. At least the inspirits said so, HAHA, IDK beacuse on the fancam you don’t see it. Oh well, it was a funny performance and when Sungyeol exposed his chest, HAHAHAHA I diiiiieeeeeed! He ripped the dress on his own but what if Sungjong had ripped the dress, it had been daaaaee to the baaak! Anyways, here’s the fancam AND ENJOY!

And then Paradise, IDK hooow many times I’ve watched every Paradise performance and they’ve nailed it everytime, srsly. And they were sooo good at the concert too but I couldn’t really focus on their singing actually beacuse HOYA, DONGWOO, MYUNGSOO, SUNGYEOL AND WOOHYUN wore briefers. Just that and pants and shoes of course BUT NOTHING OVER. Sunggyu and Sungjong wore t-shirts BUT STILL! OMG~ SO SEXAYYY~~~ Especially Dongwoo & Hoya *drooool* You smexy men. Oh wait, everyone was sexy.. So, eh.. It’s PARADISE! But I just need to point something out, a good thing. LOOK, please, LOOK at Hoya’s hair. ;__; So perfect. Omg, love this style.

OK, so.. the hidden track in Over the top? Yeah. That. ASDFGHJKL!! Sunggyu played the guitar. SUNGGYU (oh, my rockergyu<3) played the guitar. Not Myungsoo, Sunggyu. And OMG new OTP! Sunggyu+guitar and the guitar was soooooo cool, look at the video and you’ll know what I mean! Anyways, it was beautiful and I love that song so and alasghkg can’t even explain but it was so adorable to hear it, HAHAH, IDEK! But, srsly. Listen to this. It melts my heart! ❤

CAN U FREAKING SMILE omg I need to take a deep breath. The Inspirits sang AND ;__; oooh, then Infinite started to sing and my tears, my tears rolled down my cheeks. HAHAH, srsly, so beautiful ;__; In this fancam you only see Sunggyu and Myungsoo but it’s still awesome!

Sunggy’s solo. ROCKERGYU in my heart ❤ One word: AMAZING! Sooo amaaziiiing! xD No but srsly, he’s amazing. And well, I may be biased beacuse of a fanfic right now but he screamed and I was like: ASDFGHJKLAJSGHKAK! Idk if it was good or not beacuse I thought he was awesome but well, listen and you’ll see what I mean 😉

OK, so.. This was some of my favorite fancams (I loved all of them but.. well, it would take too much time to post them all xD) ! Anyways, I was depressed but now I’m kind of okay… I think. I can’t really explain how I feel but I feel empty but still so happy to have Infinite and Inspirits ;__; ah, not going to be all emotional right now but INFINITE THANK YOU!
And you’ve grown sooo much the past year and a half that I can’t even explain how proud I am! HAHA, I sound like a mom but srsly, I’m so proud to be an Inspirit! THANK YOU!<3

OMG need to tell you about this picture!!! Hoya’s speech made me cry like a baby WITHOUT translation and then I read the translation and I cried even more. Hobaby, we love you!
“because being a singer was my dream.. everyone around, not anyone, even my parents didn’t encourage me like today. but because so many people are encouraging me like this, i’m really thankful. in the future we will become the infinite that will work even harder and become an even bigger singer, a singer that goes worldwide. thank you.” – Lee Howon


and oh, In a talking session they mentioned A COMEBACK AKSAGHASKGHKAGHKAHGKHKGHAKGHAKHGKAHGKAHGVNöasglaghalb TOOOOOOO MANY EMOTIOOOONS~~~~~~ and well, they also mentioned something about Valentines Day, you know the valentines day video (Japan Story) isn’t the only thing that’s going to be released, IT’S SOMETHING MORE  ALSO! :’DDD


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