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Well, finally EXO debuted. And O-M-F-G! All these photos, videos and music.. aaaah, dying here! Anyways, we just did a twitter….. and….. it’s…. fooooooor EXO! lol Suprised? Well, it’s a swedish fanbase for EXO-K and M! So, please, follow! (EXO_SWEDEN) … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Hoya!

모든 소원이 이루어지길 바랍니다! 생일 축하해요 이호원~<3 Lee Howon. Hoya. Triple Treath. Dance machine. Hobaby. Hogod and the list can be long for all your nicknames! And like we say in Sweden (maybe it’s international too): Beloved child has many names!  … Continue reading

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B1a4’s wonderful voices

If you want a MR removed version of Baby I’m sorry, I’m a about to show it to you right now..(!!!!) Found this on Youtube today and… I can’t help but to smile when I see it. They are so … Continue reading

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BTOB are cube entertainment’s newest project. Another up-coming boyband debut to anticipate for! Yesterday they released their 2nd teaser. In this teaser they revealed parts of their single Insane. Watch the teaser below. So.. what do you think about it? Myself I … Continue reading

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Favorite part of Face

Woho! Managed to make my favorite part of the Face mv by the beloved NU’EST into a gif And it’s working! I don’t know why this is my favorite part.. Just thought so the first time I watched it.. Well.. … Continue reading

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new music everywhere

I just want to say that this is our 100th post! 😀  <– I feel like this cutie here. WHAT?!? It’s kind of cool that this is our 100th post! Yeah, we did it! I’m proud of me and my … Continue reading

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Kai. Hm, hello. I’m reading a book right now that’s named Fallen Angel and oh my god. It’s soooo good! It was Tove that recommended it to me and she said that she imagined Kai as the main role aaand … Continue reading

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