All comebacks at once?

Just realized! There are so so SO many comebacks to anticipate for right now…

First of all today B1A4 did a comeback with “Baby I’m Sorry” 2AM with “You were mine”, Nu’EST debuted with “Face” and last week, continuing this week, Big Bang made a huge comeback with all of their amazing songs (“Blue”, “Fantastic Baby” and “Bad Boy”)… Just now I read that CN Blue released an MV for their song “Still in Love” and I guess that means they’ll have a comeback soon. SHINee are scheduled for comeback next week.. And.. Well, Exo probably will too… Some day… Soon… Or not… ;>

Well anyway, it seems as if there’s going to be C-R-A-Z-Y at the musicshows the coming month.. I mean, all this great groups and songs.. Who will win? Personally I hoped for B1A4 to win.. A true Bana as I am… But it’ll be hard for them when those talented and big groups as CN Blue, Big Bang, 2AM and Shinee are promoting at the same time.

Even if B1A4 does’t win it’s still a huge step for them. With this they are promoting and releasing a full length album.. A FULL LENGTH ALBUM! It hasn’t even been a year since they debuted.. And they show such a different style here compared to their other song, even though you can still recognize the true B1A4 spirit of the song. Also I think it’s soooooo coool that Jinyoung produced and wrote this himself.. God, my boys are fantastic! ❤

Um.. This kinda turned into a B1A4 post, which it wasn’t meant to be. Sorry for that, I assume we’ll just have to wait and see what’s happening.


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2 Responses to All comebacks at once?

  1. Brittany says:

    Lol love the first .gif ^.^ There are plenty of comebacks/debuts this month so it’s going to be interesting. I’d really hope for CNBlue to do well along with I don’t know, EXO if they decide to debut this month. I’m not a big fan of B1A4 but I really liked the album they just dropped.

    • Thank you for your comment and yeah, there’s going to be a real fight on the musiccharts! I’m Bana from the very beginning, but I think they are getting alot of new fans with their promotions now. It’s kind of another style 🙂 / Maja ^^

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