Kai. Hm, hello. I’m reading a book right now that’s named Fallen Angel and oh my god. It’s soooo good! It was Tove that recommended it to me and she said that she imagined Kai as the main role aaand now I’m doing that too.. And, the book is very, veeery good. Haha. So, if you’re reading this book now or you’re going to read it. Imagine Kai as the main role. His appearance and his mysterious aura fits perfect to this book! aah, love it!

And, I did a gif of Kai. Haha, he’s handsome but my bias in EXO is Tao in EXO-M. *drooooool*

About Everlasting K-popers

We're three girls from Sweden that love K-POP and this is our blog about k-pop, fangirling, movies, our daily life and other stuff that we think is intresting!
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