BTOB are cube entertainment’s newest project. Another up-coming boyband debut to anticipate for!

Yesterday they released their 2nd teaser. In this teaser they revealed parts of their single Insane. Watch the teaser below.

So.. what do you think about it?

Myself I think that this is reaaally good! The song is catchy and some parts are telling me it’s going to be an amazing choreography. And what else could we expect from Cube?

As many other people I also see a resemblance between BTOB’s teaser and Fiction by Beast. The concept of the video seems to be pretty alike. Both with the girl sitting by the piano and the dirty colors and dusty scenes… Also the song is a little alike.. But how easy is it to make a whole new song that doesn’t sound like anything else?

But the real question is.. How are they going to turn out? Last year lots and LOTS of boyband debuted that you don’t hear of so much anymore.. This year we’ve already got B.a.p and Nu’est. Also Exo are on their way, so how many groups are there room for to become really big? I guess time will tell…


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