First of all I’m going to say; I’m so, so, so sorry! Seriously, I’m beyond sorry for not being active on this blog. My computer have been like.. seriously fuqed the last couple days *cough* weeks *cough* and I haven’t been able to update.

Anyways, it has happened ALOT since the last time I updated.. which was… Second Invasion… LOL i’m so bad at updating this blog. SORRY~
But! I can promise you that I’ll be able to update this blog almost everyday soon because summerholidays are coming sooooooon~ WOOPWOOP! So happy that school almost over. School sucks.  Just joking, kiddos. School rules and you should go there and learn many many many things!

So, what am I going to post today?
Hm… well if you look closely on the title of this post then maybe you’ll get it right!

WAAAH, you guys guessed right!!! It’s going to be about Infinite and their new album INFINITIZE~ *applause*

Ok. So you guys have watched the MV, riiiiiight? Good because if you haven’t SHAME ON YOU!!! >8(

Anyways, I really like the MV. I really do and the song is really good too. And I’m not only saying that because I’m an Inspirit. It IS really good. I mean, have you seen those effects? Woolim is richu~  LOL but srsly, it’s a really cool MV. Though I wanted to see more of Woohyun, he isn’t in the MV much at all 😦 Though his singing skills are quite amazing, aren’t they? Well at least I think so. ^^, Hm, what to say more.. okay. The thing is I don’t think I would’ve been able to update about this MV the day it was released hahaha I was so astonished by it so I cried and don’t judge me! I cry easily, okay?

Sung-freaking-jong A MAN! OMFG I literally screamed when he appeared on the screen when I first saw the MV I was like: ALHGLgaglasgKGÄkgäahäsnbäadöhsözhbövnad /dead because of all the hottieness

And then Sungyeol with his long hair (excuse me but I’ve a soft spot for guys with long hair) and his part in the song where he’s singing is wonderful. I really like Sungyeol’s voice and it’s a shame that he doesn’t have more lines. But I guess he’ll have more lines when he feels ready to have more lines. Sungyeol FIGHTING!

Myungsoo, Myungsoo, Myungsoo. FUQ U. I H8 U. No, I don’t. I love all of your funny faces that you do when you’re rolling in the car.  I lub u. Anyways, I can’t be serious when I talk about Myungsoo because well.. eh. Hm, he’s one of my biases in Infinite aaaand if I’m going to talk seriously about him I’m going to cry and bla bla bla. Not good. So, let’s just say: His acting in the MV was really good. Even though he did those funny faces.

Dongwoo. My sunshine. I love you blue hair. I love your rapping. I love you on a motorcylce. You’re badass and I love it, my sunshine.

WOOHYUN OPPAAAA~! Okay. Like I said. He has so little screen time in my opinion, I know he actually got alot. Like.. He has the whole ending hahaha but anyways. He looks totally adorable in his new haircut. I hated it at first when I saw picture of it on Twitter but I think I’ve changed my mind. Even though I miss his fire-red hair with his fringe lshglahgla okay I miss that haircut.

Sunggyu. LEDAAAAH okays. His voice give me chills so, yeah. And my favorite part in the MV is when Sunggyu is walking away from the car that’s in the background and singing: Aniyaaaa~ ahfsglagaghla idk, but I just luuuuuuv it!

Hoya. Just….. No.

OH and if you liked the MV and the song and such you reeeeeaaaally should listen and watch the live performances because eh… It’s brilliant. I promise you.

Their comeback stage:

p.s maybe I’m going to write in my about page tonight, we’ll see! ^^
p.s.2 I couldn’t express myself about Hoya so I’ll leave it with NO. I love him, okay? You don’t have to worry that it’s some kind of hatred I’ve against him. It’s the opposite. But sometimes I hate him but mostly… I love him.

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