Mr. Kim Myungsoo

I hate to be an emotional teenager aljdgsdhsldfhjäashäsg

for real

4 minutes ago I laughed at everything and now I’m crying because of Kim Myungsoo


I’ll tell you why.

He’s such a pabo but at the same time he doesn’t care one thing about it!

His attitude is so appealing, I really love it.

Everyone is just like… he’s so mysterious and strange BUT SERIOUSLY no. In my eyes he’s just an adorable boy asdgsjgljsd oh god for real I don’t see the mysterious side of him aaaah and when i do, i can’t take him seriously because he looks funny in that mysterious look

He’s so random and everything he says doesn’t make sense!
I mean come on.. Who the hell have a staring contest with a dog? .. Kim Myungsoo.

And nunchucks o m g I can’t even, why?

oh god i love his carefree sight on life srsly have you ever like… thought that he seem so content with his life? Like.. He’s so happy, all the time! and well, his IMAGE is to look mysterious and such but everytime, and maybe I’ve watched to many fancams and such but it’s always a little smirk somewhere in these videos!

and he’s always so mean to the members, or… mean is not the right word.. I would say honest actually.. He always speak what he thinks and like.. in interviews and stuff he always seems so honest.

and the most random and adorable quote of Mr. Kim Myungsoo:
Q. When you’ve a straight face on, what are you thinking about?
A. “Things like, what should I’ve for dinner today…”

and guys, favorite picture of kim myungsoo of all times


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