infinite 30 days challenge: DAY 1

day 1: your favourite infinite member and why

(I’ll try to do this short because.. I’ve a tendency to drag out my posts about infinite. Huhuh. It’s just that I’ve so much to say, ok?)

And I don’t know Hoya – though I wish I did – but this is how I see him.

My favorite member of Infinite is Hoya. Ehm, well.. Why? Well, I like how quite he is sometimes. You can say that he is the opposite of me and you know, opposites attracts, right? lol jk. That was so cheesy, I’ll stop being cheesy. Anyways, I like how he is so quite at times but then at times he can be totally random and the things that come out of his mouth is totally irrelevant and I’m laying on the floor screaming/crying/laughing because of him sometimes. He’s so.. ugh. Ok, he is sure of his thing you know, he’s shy but he sure does know that he is sexy. Like, he knows he is sexy but then again he’s really shy at times and then Hoaegi pops up and he hides behind the cute image lol omg he totally adore the cute image I don’t even. That’s also one thing why I love him. He’s incredibly sexy (HOGOD) but then also incredibly cute (HOBABY). AAAAAAAAH, I don’t know! He’s so ugh and I can’t put out in words why he means so much to me. .But ok, I’ll try. (and damn it, this is getting long..) I love how hardworking he is. Yes, Infinite as a group is so damn hardworking but Hoya is (as far as we know) the only member who have faced this whole trainee and idol thing alone. His family wasn’t so found of his dream to become a dancer and singer but he made it anyway. He said one time in an interview that he wasn’t planning on return to his family until he had reached the whole way. Until he was #1. But, I was very happy when I heard that his parents were at their Second Invasion concert. That means that he at least has some support from them and have some contact with them, which made me incredibly happy because well, hopefully Hoya’s happy with that and if he’s happy, I’m happy. Wtf I said that I was going to stop being cheesy??

Anyways, I like how his personality is something you can’t see through the first thing you do. Asdfjlakalj I find it very attractive, yes I may be weird but I find it attractive that he’s hard to get. It’s almost that he plays hard to get but ugh, it’s attractive ok. He is, together with Myungsoo, the one who’s quite during interviews but then sometimes he butt in and say something and it’s often a snarky comment or just a funny comment. GOD HE’S FUNNY.

Oh, and I think he wants to learn a lot from Woohyun when it comes to being cute and doing fanservice and such and I’m like: “No, don’t even try to learn from that greasy tree, grrr.” No but srsly I think he’s – after Woohyun and Sungyeol – the one who is the best at doing fanservice. And, he has learnt a lot from Woohyun. lol.

He’s also awkward like… well, yes. I’m awkward too HAHAh but Hoya is awkward. Really awkward and I love him for that. It’s adorable. The way he always laughs at his own jokes or as I said before – say the most irrelevant things or point out that he think his body hair is sexy… I’m like… OK. I don’t even. What is he? And in the recent episode of ranking king, I CAN’T. Screaming because he said he had started to get tired of purple, TIRED OF PURPLE MY ASS. lol jk.

But I don’t even know if this was the answer to why I love him but.. I don’t know. He’s my bias because he’s a weirdo, ok?


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