Just have to share these live performances by Younha, a singer I sadly never heard of until now

The first one is her own song Run, which she recently released. The other one a stunning cover of Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. The performances are from Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

There you got some amazing talent and great vocals! I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard anything by her before. But then again I’ve only been into kpop for 2 years.

If you listen to her or know any good songs, please comment! I’d like to hear more of this~


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1 Response to Younha

  1. Younhafan says:

    she covered “I don’t want to miss a thing” when she was promoted her single “one shot” in 2010

    this was when she was in her second year into debut in Korea, 2008.

    she covered gee while promoted her song “123” check it out as well.

    for her own work check out her “someday” album plus she has work with Epik High as well, so type Epik high and younha in youtube and you’ll get two great songs, umbrella and memory.

    seeing that you’ve only being into k-pop two years ago, it doesn’t surprise me that your not familiar with her as she’s being in a lawsuit with her old company for a year or so and hasn’t released anything now since 2010.

    But if you are familiar with B.A.P, M.I.B and all those rookie groups, she’s the DJ for the radio they always guessed on, called “Younha starry Night radio”.

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