INFINITE 30 days challenge: DAY 5

day 5: best singer in infinite

this was one of the days that i dread.. /sigh ok let’s do this

Kim Sunggyu

his voice is phenomenal, it’s.. i would describe his voice as a soft voice like.. aaaaah i can listen to it for hours and hours and hours! ah, i’m so bad at describing things but.. i really like his voice. maybe there’s better singers out there but.. ah, sunggyu’s voice gets me everytime. no matter what he sings! and the way he always have so much emotions when he sings asjgagagaänklvsd aaah, SUNGGYU GDI

tove don’t judge me he’s still last place i kind of don’t like him not at all no


and woohyun may have more.. like.. charisma on stage and is more “aaah hello look at me here i am love me chuchuchuchu~” to the public and i really adore him for that, it’s adorable and it’s woohyun. sunggyu can learn from woohyun and woohyun can learn from sunggyu. they complete each other. they really do. their voices together are the best. really, woogyu. not only because i adore their friendship but also because their voices really, really do match and they do complete each other.

one of my favorite Sunggyu performance:



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