INFINITE 30 days challenge: DAY 7

day 7: an infinite member you want to be bffs with

can’t i just be bff’s with all of them?? lol jk

hmmm, i would love to be best friend with myungsoo. like.. i would like to talk with him, laugh with him, eat with him, just walk in a park and take photos of everything,play games with him and just.. chill with him. slagasäggklsn oh god

yeah, i would probably choose myungsoo if i was forced to choose one as a best friend.

but then again, i would love to be best friend with hoya too. because.. but.. no, that’s different. scratch that. i would love to be hoya’s best friend but in a loving way, omg cheesy. /maybe i’ll just choose woohyun, we could compete who’s the cheesiest omg.

no, but.. i think i’ll go with myungsoo. yup. myungie, you stupid little piece of poo.

 (omg let me eat squid with him slgnslaglknsdgn)


About Everlasting K-popers

We're three girls from Sweden that love K-POP and this is our blog about k-pop, fangirling, movies, our daily life and other stuff that we think is intresting!
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