About us


We’re 3 girls from Sweden that are owners to this blog. We all got one big passion in common: K-POP!

So that’s actually what this blog is all about.

We tried to have a blog before, but that failed… Pretty hard… So here we are, starting anew.

If you want to ask something, complain, give some advises or simply just get to know us.. Please do comment!

As the majority of kpopfans, our lives are pretty much equal to tumblr. So if you got tumblr as well, please follow us and don’t be afraid to write us a message. We’re not as terrifying as we seem. You can find the links in the sidebar.

If you got any questions or such you can just send us an e-mail to: everlasting-kpopers@hotmail.com

Hope you enjoy our blog!
Saranghaeyo readers~!  ❤

4 Responses to About us

  1. alltimecute says:

    Found you guys’ blog via googling for GIFS. n__n
    I love it!

  2. LiAvlY says:

    Backa traktorn… Sweden?! As in Sverige! Ahhh *spazzing över tecknen om kpop fans i Sverige*

    • Hahaha, alldeles korrekt där! ^^ Men soon to be i Sydkorea, förhoppningsvis någon gång 😉
      Alltid lika kul att hitta nya svenska kpopfans 😀 Hoppas du fortsätter att läsa vår blogg 🙂

  3. Nasaku says:

    Im so happy ;-; crying lyckotårar ;-; there is hope for kpop in sweden ;-;

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