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Happy birthday Kim Jaejoong!

“Happy 26th Birthday Kim Jaejoong! Please keep on smiling.  Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of people, including me.  Despite the problems you faced, you are still showing your happy face to us.  Assuring us that you are … Continue reading

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Why did I fall in love with you?

OK.. I’ve to admit something.. Today I cried. I sat in my room, talking to my sister and then I started search for live performances of Why Did I Fall In Love With You with DBSK and then I found … Continue reading

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Hm.. Are we becoming Cassie’s? HAHA. A lot of DBSK right now but I just noticed that today it’s no other than KIM JUNSU’S 25th BIRTHDAY! 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY AND TALENTED MAN! OH, MY GOD SUN! – … Continue reading

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OK. So I really don’t get why so many people bash JYJ, I mean.. They’re freaking awesome? Well, yes, forever believe OTP5 or something like that every Cassie’s saying. BUT I MEAN COME OOOOOON! You’re not a Cassie if you … Continue reading

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Funny fact!

Guess who’s got the biggest fanclub among all of the k-pop groups? No others than TVXQ/DBSK! And how on earth do we know this? Well.. actually Cassiopeia has been ranked as the biggest fanclub in Guiness World of Records… And … Continue reading

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