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My poor noona heart can’t take his beauty. asdfghjljklasögägahödsh and this picture is really big lol /Josefin

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Before I start on this post I want to say something……. congratulations infinite on your 6th win, mama is proud! /ehm.. even though i’m younger than all of them LOL and happy belated 2nd anniversary honeys~ Now, over to TIN … Continue reading

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LOVE IT! /Josefin

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L.joe’s birthday!

Happy birthday Teen top’s rapper L.joe! 😀 I like his hair… mihihi (a) “Thank you to Angels and my members who congratulated me on my bday ♥ Today was a happy day ♥” via twitter /Josefin, Maja and Tove

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It’s cold outside and I’m sitting… here.

Helloooo Josefin here! What are you doing? I’m doing, like, nothing. I’m waiting on a call from a friend. That’s what I’m doing + tumblr. I’m feeling kind of forever alone.. I think I’ve to get a life. And when … Continue reading

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