Infinite held their debut stage at M! Countdown on June 10th 2010 with “Come Back Again”.


201o: First invasion.
Promoted: “Come Back Again” and “She’s Back”.

2011: Evolution;
Promoted: “BTD (Before The Dawn)”

Single Albums:

2011: Inspirit;
Promoted: “Nothing’s Over” and “Can U Smile (Remake)”


2011: Over The Top;
Promoted: “Be Mine”

Paradise, (Re-packed album);
Promoted: “Paradise”


Be Mine: 2
M! Countdown
September 1 2011
September 8 2011

Paradise: 2
October 9 2011

M! Countdown
October 13 2011 

The Chaser: 7
M! Countdown
May 31 2012
June 7 2012
June 14 2012

Music Bank
June 1 2012

June 3 2012
June 10 2012

Show Champion
June 5 2012

FanClub name is Inspirit, also fans call themselves inspirits.


Kim SungGyu (김성규)

Facts about SungGyu:

When Sunggyu was asked to rank money, famous, friendship and love, in terms of importance, he chose: Love, friendship, famous, money.

Jang DongWoo (장동우)

Facts about Dongwoo:

If Dongwoo was kidnapped for no reason and was locked up in a room he would:
– First find out why he was kidnapped.
– If it was for a good reason he would’ve accepted it.
– If it was for no reason at all he would’ve tried to be funny so the kidnappers felt better and let him go.

Nam Woo Hyun (남우현)

Facts about Woohyun:

Woohyun suffer of claustrophobia.

Lee Ho Won (이호원)

Facts about Hoya:

Hoya bath 3 times a day. First in the morning, second after scheduel and third before he go to bed.

Lee Sung Yeol (이성열)

Facts about Sungyeol:

After seeing some of Infinite’s broadcasting Sungyeol thought he looked like a bulldog beacuse of his chubbycheeks.

Kim Myung Soo (김명수)

Facts about Myungsoo:

Myungsoo wants to become a photographer.

Lee Sung Jong (이성종)

Facts about Sungjong:

If alien’s exist, Sungjong want to be friends with them and play/dance with them in space, and approach them while they’re eating.

2 Responses to Infinite

  1. sungel says:

    kyaaa!!!! they won M! Countdown on sept 1 birthday.. aww, sungjongie is very cute.. love infinite…

  2. Claire (aka Mi Hong/미홍) says:

    Kya~ my Myungie is so kyeopta ❤ Yeollie! You're totally not a bulldog xD You're kyeopta~ Sungjongie! So cute!~

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