day 3: an infinite song that reminds you of someone

aaaaah, this was so hard and honestly, I don’t have an Infinite song that remind me of someone.. lol

BUT I’ve a song that reminds me of this winter lol I was practically obsessed with Tic Toc so.. That counts right? When I think of the winter I think of Tic Toc lmao

And it’s not just the song, it’s a performance where they perform Tic Toc first and then Paradise and gaaaaaaah, it’s one of my favorite performances and god, it’s so good.

Everytime I went somewhere, by bus or car I watched this performance ahhaha aaah, i love it!


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Just have to share these live performances by Younha, a singer I sadly never heard of until now

The first one is her own song Run, which she recently released. The other one a stunning cover of Cold Play’s Viva La Vida. The performances are from Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

There you got some amazing talent and great vocals! I’m a little surprised I haven’t heard anything by her before. But then again I’ve only been into kpop for 2 years.

If you listen to her or know any good songs, please comment! I’d like to hear more of this~


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Just when I thought that the Rookie groups of this year wouldn’t get any better than this, Nuest released their MV for Action…

Since Face became my favorite song pretty quickly, I had mixed feelings waiting for their comeback. In the same time as I was anticipating it and curious to see the development frankly I was a bit scared that it wouldn’t reach up to the level of their debut. But this however blew me f*cking away to the moon!

Everywhere in the song you can find tracks and things that are soo Nu’est. In some ways Action resembles a bit to Face in line order and some strands, but in the same time it’s so different.

Whereas Face had more of a school-inspired concept this Mv got a more flashy and (sorry to say) mainstream concept. However I like it, although my first thought watching it was Ren being a Lady Gaga look-a-like (Second being JR’s amazing and hot apperance, hello new bias!!)…

No but seriously talking guys, their comeback is pretty splendid ain’t it?

I love that they continued to insert the dubstep! Some might say that it similar too much with the Face, but I think it’s a Nu’est thing. It’s cool that they already have some stuff that stands for them. I haven’t read the English lyrics yet, so in the meantime I haven’t got a say in that. Keep my hopes up for that it has more deeper meaning (like Face brought up the situation of bullying) than the many love, love and more love songs that dominates the kpop industry.


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Beast 20 days Challange – DAY 3

Day 3: Your favorite cover of theirs

I don’t really get what they mean by cover, but I’d chose this one. It’s Beast covering T-ara’s Yayaya on some kind of concert or music show (can’t really sort out which it it is). They’re so precious and cute here. What really makes me love it is the intro. It’s supposed to be a “situation” where they can’t find T-ara for their performance and Beast has to do it instead. Hahaha, Gotta love the faces of them in the beginning of the perf.

I guess that’s my favorite “cover” of them 🙂


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My poor noona heart can’t take his beauty. asdfghjljklasögägahödsh

and this picture is really big lol


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Infinite 30 day challenge: DAY 2

day 2: your favourite infinite song

Well, the most played song on my playlist on itunes are actually Sunggyu’s first performance on Immortal Song but well, since that isn’t an Infinite song I’ll take the 2nd song on the playlist since that’s my favorite song. And it’s Entrust (or Leave). I reaaaaally love that song, it’s so happy and the lyrics may be kind of cheesy but it’s still adorable and it makes me happyyyyy~ I’ve a playlist for times when I’m down and that song is – without doubt – the most played song! It makes me all giddy and I want to dance when I hear it!


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Beast 20 days challenge -DAY 2

Day 2: favorite song of theirs

Well.. For me, it must be Fiction.. I remeber being totally mesmerized by their flawless vocals on stage perf. Even though the orchestra version is my favorite~
Close behind comes Shock, Say no and Thanks To…  Over all beast’s songs are amazing, so it’s really hard to pick just one.


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