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How did I end up like this?.. Sigh… How did I end up being a exo-fan? xD NO! I am not, and have never been and won’t ever be a sasaeng fan! Just to clear that out. ^^ I just … Continue reading

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Well, finally EXO debuted. And O-M-F-G! All these photos, videos and music.. aaaah, dying here! Anyways, we just did a twitter….. and….. it’s…. fooooooor EXO! lol Suprised? Well, it’s a swedish fanbase for EXO-K and M! So, please, follow! (EXO_SWEDEN) … Continue reading

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Kai. Hm, hello. I’m reading a book right now that’s named Fallen Angel and oh my god. It’s soooo good! It was Tove that recommended it to me and she said that she imagined Kai as the main role aaand … Continue reading

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All comebacks at once?

Just realized! There are so so SO many comebacks to anticipate for right now… First of all today B1A4 did a comeback with “Baby I’m Sorry” 2AM with “You were mine”, Nu’EST debuted with “Face” and last week, continuing this week, Big … Continue reading

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This.. made my evening.. I’ve been sitting and waiting for this all day yesterday and all day today and now it’s out! EXO’s second prologue ‘History’ and I gotta tell you.. I’m euphoric right now. The dance is.. well, it’s … Continue reading

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Derp, Aliens? :’o

Okay, so it’s cold news but I’ll bring it up anyway :p So you’ve probably heard about SM’s new little project, EXO? 🙂 You know the ones that come from EXO Planet? 🙂 I’ve been spazzing around being all… “OMG … Continue reading

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