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Why.. you making me cry?

Omg… I can’t describe my feelings atm… I just.. no… omg… why?… Gaaah!!!! Why do I behave like this you might wonder…. Well… It’s just a normal life of a inspirit i guess… Actaully, it’s this! This god damn fancam … Continue reading

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I couldn’t handel this alone so…

OBS THIS IS A SPAZZ POST AND A LONG ONE. So, if you dislike spazzing to much and well, bad english.. Don’t read. Haha, read at own risk!  ASDFGHJHKÖLLHAKGAAKDGAK IT’S FREAKING HARD TO SPAZZ THIS MUCH ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN I … Continue reading

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Derp, Aliens? :’o

Okay, so it’s cold news but I’ll bring it up anyway :p So you’ve probably heard about SM’s new little project, EXO? 🙂 You know the ones that come from EXO Planet? 🙂 I’ve been spazzing around being all… “OMG … Continue reading

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Srsly you guys!!! I have no time to edit this post cause I have a meeting to attend soon… Okay, here it goes…   SHINEE WAS BEING PLAYED ON THE RADIO!!!!!!!!!! *fangirling* *dies* Okay, so I was asked to give … Continue reading

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Oh God! I’m currently in school and supposed to write an assignment in English.. But…. I can’t, Since a song is ringing in my head like 24/7… Moves like Jagger with Reyowook… Which he had as solostage on ss4. I know Josefin mentioned it before, … Continue reading

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