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INFINITE 30 days challenge: DAY 6

day 6: best dancer in infinite DON’T CALL ME BIASED but my favorite dancer in infinite is hoya the way he moves, the way he put his all into the dance, the way he always do some freestyling, T H … Continue reading

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infinite 30 days challenge: DAY 1

day 1: your favourite infinite member and why (I’ll try to do this short because.. I’ve a tendency to drag out my posts about infinite. Huhuh. It’s just that I’ve so much to say, ok?) And I don’t know Hoya … Continue reading

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Infinite – Ranking King

I just watched the first episode of Ranking King that aired today 5PM in S. Korea. I’ve one thing to say; it was hilarious! I’m going to continue watching it until the last episode because it was really funny. Woohyun … Continue reading

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First of all I’m going to say; I’m so, so, so sorry! Seriously, I’m beyond sorry for not being active on this blog. My computer have been like.. seriously fuqed the last couple days *cough* weeks *cough* and I haven’t been … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Hoya!

모든 소원이 이루어지길 바랍니다! 생일 축하해요 이호원~<3 Lee Howon. Hoya. Triple Treath. Dance machine. Hobaby. Hogod and the list can be long for all your nicknames! And like we say in Sweden (maybe it’s international too): Beloved child has many names!  … Continue reading

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Second Invasion

I’m right now a person with many feelings and if you don’t want to read a fangirling post with… many emotions I suggest you stop reading now! Anyways, yesterday and today I’ve been crying a lot. Beacuse of Infinite. And … Continue reading

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HAPPY 600 TH DAY INFINITEEEE~  I love you, i love you, i love you! Since I’m so bad at express myself when it comes to.. this. LOL So.. I’m going to copy a text I saw on tumblr that pretty … Continue reading

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