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Mr. Kim Myungsoo

I hate to be an emotional teenager aljdgsdhsldfhjäashäsg for real 4 minutes ago I laughed at everything and now I’m crying because of Kim Myungsoo why? I’ll tell you why. He’s such a pabo but at the same time he … Continue reading

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Why.. you making me cry?

Omg… I can’t describe my feelings atm… I just.. no… omg… why?… Gaaah!!!! Why do I behave like this you might wonder…. Well… It’s just a normal life of a inspirit i guess… Actaully, it’s this! This god damn fancam … Continue reading

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Second Invasion

I’m right now a person with many feelings and if you don’t want to read a fangirling post with… many emotions I suggest you stop reading now! Anyways, yesterday and today I’ve been crying a lot. Beacuse of Infinite. And … Continue reading

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Most huggable Idol!

Just read that Beast’s Yang Yoseob got 1st place in a poll regarding who was the most huggable Idol! What can I say, I just have to agree with everyone on that one!  I mean… Who could resist a cutie like this?! … Continue reading

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Fanfic recommendation!

Good evening everyone!~ well.. at least it’s evening here in Sweden. And I plan on spending it all on reading Fanfics, since I’m in an hotel in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) at the moment. Anyway, I’ve found this reaaaally … Continue reading

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