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Just when I thought that the Rookie groups of this year wouldn’t get any better than this, Nuest released their MV for Action… Since Face became my favorite song pretty quickly, I had mixed feelings waiting for their comeback. In … Continue reading

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Favorite part of Face

Woho! Managed to make my favorite part of the Face mv by the beloved NU’EST into a gif And it’s working! I don’t know why this is my favorite part.. Just thought so the first time I watched it.. Well.. … Continue reading

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NU’EST released their first MV for Face! I gotta tell you, it’s  clean, it’s awesome and ot totally made me hold my breath 😀 Check it out!! Is it just me or doesn’t Ren look quite a lot like Kevin … Continue reading

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This.. made my evening.. I’ve been sitting and waiting for this all day yesterday and all day today and now it’s out! EXO’s second prologue ‘History’ and I gotta tell you.. I’m euphoric right now. The dance is.. well, it’s … Continue reading

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Let me just say this… Boom shakalaka boom shakalaka! Big Bang’s realeased two MVs and now the third’s out.. And I was like.. KILL ME THIS IS TOO GOOD!! This is really an kill-all!! 😀 And their voices and language, … Continue reading

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Mblaq new MV!!!!

Oh my Gosh!!!  A few hours ago Mblaq released their new Mv… Did not see it until now, but oh my god! It’s brilliant, wonderful, amazing, splendid! In other words I LOVE IT!! The whole mv is so.. sad… such … Continue reading

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Bananas here bananas there bananas everywhere!

I don’t know but I somehow intend to always post something random and completely unnecessary, if not plain wierd and.. and… ABSOLUTELY FUNNY AS HELL!!! XDXDXD Maybe it’s because everytime I start a new post it’s either night or me being … Continue reading

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