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Kpop Gif-challenge

Soo… I found this today at tumblr.. And since my tumblr account won’t cooperate, I thought; Why not write it on our blog instead. It’s really funny, and if you’re in to gifs, as I am, try it out! Here’s … Continue reading

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Bananas here bananas there bananas everywhere!

I don’t know but I somehow intend to always post something random and completely unnecessary, if not plain wierd and.. and… ABSOLUTELY FUNNY AS HELL!!! XDXDXD Maybe it’s because everytime I start a new post it’s either night or me being … Continue reading

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Funny fact!

Guess who’s got the biggest fanclub among all of the k-pop groups? No others than TVXQ/DBSK! And how on earth do we know this? Well.. actually Cassiopeia has been ranked as the biggest fanclub in Guiness World of Records… And … Continue reading

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Update of the day~

Hi hello! You know a thing.. I’ve come to the conclusion that kpop is bad for me! You’re  all probably like: And think.. “is she really okay?” In that case… relax… The thing is just that not only that my … Continue reading

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We’re not going to sleep

Maja and Tove are now massaging each other and I’m taking the opportunity to write a post here on our blog! Well, I’ve not so much to say. I love being with Maja and Tove, even if we don’t meet … Continue reading

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