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F.T Island’s new MV – Severly

This…..   is soo sad, you guys!! )’: I don’t know where to begin… I can’t…. even… Just watch it and you’ll understand. This is a beautiful story, although I’m not sure if I got i completely right in some … Continue reading

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SHUT UP! Flower boy band

OK~ Let me say this.. I loved the first episode of SUFBB (LOL)! Everything was asdfghjkl and they even sang Be mine! HAHAH, I laughed at that part beacuse Myungsoo looked so funny xD He just sat there and smirked.. … Continue reading

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HAPPY 600 TH DAY INFINITEEEE~  I love you, i love you, i love you! Since I’m so bad at express myself when it comes to.. this. LOL So.. I’m going to copy a text I saw on tumblr that pretty … Continue reading

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I saw this video a few minutes ago and… Well, I’m not the one that cries very often and I gotta tell you I was at the mere edge of wiping like a sissy… To see this was.. well, I’m … Continue reading

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B.A.P. debut!

DEEEEEEEEEERP!!½AS<D<SFHLUIsgifwPjOAIGDSDuagm This my dear fellas OWNED!! They REALLY delivered!!  :DD And I was like… and they were like… *yumyum* and then the climax… and I was like… *dying* They get a 12 out of 10! :D:D:D Especially the blonde one … Continue reading

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Happy birthday Kim Jaejoong!

“Happy 26th Birthday Kim Jaejoong! Please keep on smiling.  Thank you for being an inspiration to a lot of people, including me.  Despite the problems you faced, you are still showing your happy face to us.  Assuring us that you are … Continue reading

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