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Fanfic recommendation!

Good evening everyone!~ well.. at least it’s evening here in Sweden. And I plan on spending it all on reading Fanfics, since I’m in an hotel in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) at the moment. Anyway, I’ve found this reaaaally … Continue reading

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Bad-ass swedish people!

Omg! I was going to watch a live performance of Bad Girl by SNSD, And what do I see? WHAT DO I SEE?! Apparently the song is part made of Swedish people! …. !!!!! OH…. MY… GOD… It’s really cool! And it seems as … Continue reading

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Homework.. hwaiting!

Hey Everyone! This isn’t going to be a long post.. Sorry! But I must study for a test that we have tomorrow. It’s society and politics. So very boring, but I guess I have to. And one thing to look forward to … Continue reading

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